There are a ton of new home automation gadgets out there. We have found some really cool ones and new items are being offered all the time. You could try and keep up with the latest and greatest however, just like buying a tablet and computer…if you aren’t careful you will be replacing stuff constantly. We have found some of the gadgets out there that are great considerations. Here are some of the cool gadget types you should consider when automating your home.

Smart Thermostat
Every home comes with a thermostat, but does yours measure your energy usage and tell you where you can cut back? Does it remember when you turn the heat or air conditioning on and off, and adjust automatically? Yes there are smart thermostats out there that you can install that will do all of this and more. With energy prices marching higher, a smart thermostat just may save you money.

Automatic Door Opener
Isn’t it a pain to have to get up and answer the door when you are in the middle of a great movie? Or when you have to get up to let your kid in because she has forgotten her house key for the 50th time??? This problem is easily solved through the use of an automatic door opener. Automatic door openers can allow you to sit on the couch and open the door or even help when you have an armload of groceries.

Video Doorbell
Who doesn’t want to know who is at the door before opening it? A video doorbell allows you to see who is at your door via a video camera that is attached to the doorbell. A video doorbell would allow you added security and you never again have to answer the door to those unwanted sales people.

Smartphone Control
We carry our smartphones everywhere; heck my son even takes it to the bathroom. Your smartphone is the best home automation tool out there. All you have to do is download an automation app, and then use your smartphone to link together your various technologies. Your phone can become your control center.

Keyless Door Entry
Let’s be honest, a keypad is a much safer way to lock your door than a key and you wouldn’t have to leave that hidden key outside under the fake rock, just in case. You can hook up your keyless door entry to a remote control, or your phone, and lock or unlock it from anywhere. What a great way to control who has entry.

These are just a few of the ways you can automate your home with cool gadgets!