There is a trend right now that almost doesn’t make any sense for the average home owner…although it will make tons of money for a national cable company.

Without mentioning any names, but you will know whom we are referring to, a national cable company is now offering home security systems. I have a close friend who almost fell into their trap recently and wow that was eye-opening. My friend had recently moved and had taken their cable company with them, as many people do. Once the install guy showed up he tried to hard-sell my friend into a brand new home security system that this cable company had just begun selling. The system offered an outside camera for the front entry, an entry key pad and several window and door alert alarms. Once the system was installed, my friend was told, the company would monitor the system and alert you if anyone tried to enter your home. Sounds good so far right?

There were, of course, upgrades…more cameras, more door and window alarms and an android tablet with which to control it all. After this half hour hard-sell the cable guy finally gave my buddy the bottom line….you can have all this for just over $300 a month.

So let’s look at this honestly….for over $300 a month (and it doesn’t matter if it is “a little” over, over is over) you get generic window and door alarms that you can buy yourself at Radio Shack, a generic camera that you don’t have actual control over and that allows some stranger at the cable company to watch your house and an generic android tablet none of which you will ever actually own because the cable company is leasing it to you. Hummmm………

So let me give you an alternative….how about we come out and install a Control4 system, one of the best on the market complete with door and window alarms, a tablet with which to control it all, cameras that you control yourself and can monitor through live feeds and we set up your home automation so that you can also control your lights so that you can give the appearance of being home further discouraging unwanted attention. The bottom line…you…have…all…the…control! And while you are welcome to pay for monthly monitoring by a security company…it’s not necessary with our home automation system with security. Oh, and that $300 a month….why don’t you take that money and do something fun with it?

Call us today and tell the cable company no thank you. If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment for someone from Architechtronics to come out and show you what we can do contact us at 425-202-6120 or visit http://www.architechtronics.com. We will save you money and give you that sense of safety.