Home Automation can be an extensive project or it can be a small one depending on what you wish to do. Today’s technology allows the home owner to completely automate their home or do bits and pieces. When first considering having an automation system in your home, you might thing that you would need to completely rebuild your home….not true. Home automation is now possible through companies like Control4 who have developed systems that are both affordable and easy to use. Here are 5 things you might want to know when thinking about installing a home automation system.

What Do You Want?
Your lifestyle really comes into play here. You need to clearly define how you want to benefit from a home automation system. Your number one consideration will be deciding what part of your life you want to enhance and/or simplify. Home automation systems are designed for convenience and efficiency and that can apply to all aspects of your home. Do you want a home theater, multi-room music, lighting, heating and cooling, and/or a security system? Set down what you think your priorities are entertainment, comfort, convenience, or peace of mind.

Where Do I Start?
There are no fast hard rules here in terms of where to begin. The nice things about home automation is that it is modular meaning you can start wherever. You do not need to be fully automated from the start. You can enjoy the benefits and convenience of home automation technology one piece at a time. Most people start small and then add other features as they go; let’s be honest, this is an investment and some of us have to invest a little at a time but that’s okay! Today most people begin with a home theater where they can control all of the audio and video components as well as lights with a single remote. Once the home theater is in place then you can move on to security, heating and cooling etc.

Can I do this to my existing home?
Yes you can and no you don’t have to run out and buy a new house. Today’s home automation systems are easily installed in existing homes. In fact, wireless technology allows us to do so much it is simply amazing. Whether it is automating the lighting throughout your home or setting up a security system, the process does not require massive amounts of rewiring so the system can be retrofitted to function of your existing house lights.

I can be kinda slow; will the technology be hard to understand?
Good news! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get how to use a home automation system. The controls are all in the form of intuitive and easy-to-use keypads, touch screens, remotes, and TV screen menus which will walk you through the processes as many time as you need them to. And, if all else fails Brett with Architechtronics will be happy to come out and walk you through it once he has installed the system. You will have an expert at your fingertips.

How much will my long-term costs be?
Let’s be honest, for many of us it does often come down to costs. The good thing is that home automation systems are designed to reduce energy consumption by giving you more control over your lighting and temperature control devices so, in the long run it will save you money. Home automation can eliminate wastefulness by activating the lights and the thermostat only when you need them and turning things off if you forget. The equipment costs up front are the only costs for you…after that…the system is all about saving you money.