Technology helps you go green

We can all do a few small things to make a positive impact on the environment. I can help you gain control of your lighting, irrigation, and temperature effectively—often savings 15+% on your energy bill!

The best part is… the use of home technology is not a one time benefit, but one that a homeowner can experience month after month. We recommend the following green living ideas:

 Say good night with a press of a button. Yes, one touch and your lights can turn off, set temperatures back, and arm your security system. Sleep well…you’re saving energy and protecting your family.

 With complete control of your heating system, you no longer need to leave the house empty with the heat on. As you leave, hit the away button and all lights will turn off while temperatures drop back to conserve energy.

 Automatically have your lights to turn on at 80% capacity— it’s barely noticeable to the eye.

 Control your home’s natural lighting. Automated shades and draperies can provide privacy with ease, protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays, keep your home theater nice and dark, and provide energy savings on those hot sunny days.

 Reduce the number of of end-user devices such as volume controls, security keypads and light switches needed in the home. This reduces the amount of copper…a high-demand, non-renewable resource used in home cabling.

link Don’t waste water on the lawn if it’s rained in the last 48 hours. Let your automation and irrigation systems work it out amongst themselves.

These are just a few of the ways you can help reduce the amount of resources by utilizing home technology. If you are interested in more of these ideas, please contact me.