Help mom or dad live independently in

their own home

Providing home care solutions for elderly loved ones without the frustrations of relocation or financial burden. 

Our HomeTech Care solution uses technology to provide information you need to feel confident your loved one is safe, active, and healthy in their own home.

How does it work? We install a system in the home that can monitor daily activity patterns—without affecting their day-to-day activities or way of living. This highly flexible home monitoring system that has been tailored to use non-intrusive wireless sensors in the home to detect a change in activity that may signal potential health issues or safety concerns. The best part is the system is really there to capture patterns and actions, allowing privacy and independence to be maintained.

Some examples include:
•  Door sensors can send a notification if a door has been left opened.
•  Automatically have doors lock in the evenings.
•  Oven left on more than 1 hour.
•  Abnormal activities indicating a potential medical issue
•  Alert if medicine cabinet not opened by 10 am.

Notifications are set up based on your preferences and sent via email or text message to designated family members or any one you would like to be part of the care network.

What activities can be monitored? Almost any activity can be monitored and an alert can be created if the activity happened or did not happen.  The system can be combined with a security system with live 24/7 monitoring, to provide additional peace of mind.

For further information on this new product line please contact our office phone or email us Monday-Friday.