Lighting sets the mood

Often, homeowners are surprised with how much they enjoy the addition of lighting control in their home. It provides convenience, enhances parties or a romantic evening, and can enhance security in the home.

Ideas of how to enhance your lighting control…

Welcome Home. Have lights turn on automatically as you approach your home.

A room with an attitude! Let it be fun and entertaining, dim and romantic, or simply cozy and relaxing. With a touch of a button, home technology can compliment your design and intent of the surroundings.

Blinded by the light. No need to be blinded by the lights OR stumble around in darkness. Motion sensors can detect movement in the hall and adjust lights for a warm glow.

Hear a bump in the night? Turn all the lights in your home on or off with the touch of a button.

Did you leave the Christmas lights on again? Enjoy the beauty of holiday lights, while helping control your utility bill. Program the system to turning lights on at sunset, and off at a couple of hours later.

Think Green. With many ways to save electricity by implementing home technology, lighting is probably one of the simplest. Read more on how to be more eco-friendly.