Movie-theater experience at home

Whether you would like to have a dedicated home theater, a family media room, or just looking to upgrade your equipment— I can help you design just the right room.

A Dedicated Home Theater
Have an extra room that you would like to turn into a dedicated home theater? Keep it as simple—or elaborate as you want. Consider any combination of the following:

Single remote to control your video, and your home
Speaker selections:High-end, Mid-range or Completely Hidden
Television selections: LCD, LED (Energy Efficient), Ultra-Thin
Quality designed theater chairs
Multi-level seating
Rooms with a theme
Acoustical Paneling
Built in cabinetry

A Family Media Room 
By day, your family room can still feel like home with hidden in-wall speakers and artwork to conceal your television. By night, your family room can transform into a complete media room. Gather around and enjoy movies, sports, or gaming with your kids.

Integrate your home theater into your whole system
Integrate your home theater into your home automation system and enjoy extra convenience.

Need popcorn? Simply push “pause” and lights automatically ramp up to 30%, luminating your way to the kitchen.
Scary movie? Quickly switch over to your security cameras!